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Facilities Available

  Consultation For pediatric neurological condition/diosorders.
  EEG (Electroencephalogram)
  Routine EEG
  For any patients with epilepsy to confirm the diagnosis, to differentiate type of epilepsy and decide about antiepileptic drug starting and discontinuation.
  Video EEG
  To differentiate between types of seizures and also to differentiate epileptic and non epileptic episodes.
  Portable EEG
  For patients in PICU and NICU in conditions like status epileptics and coma.
  EPs (Evoked potentials)
  (Visual evoked potentials)-To investigate problems in optic pathway like optic neuritis, optic nerve tumor and also cortical blindness.
  (Electroretinogram)-To assess the function of retina like retinal degeneration in various metabolic diseases.
  (Brainstem Auditory evoked response)- To diagnose demyelinating diseases of brainstem.
  (Brainstem evoked response audiometry)-To assess hearing in high risk neonates(kernicterus and meningitis in particular) and also child with speech delay.
  (Somatosensory evoked potential)-To assess sensory pathway from peripheral end up to the cortex and for prognosis in comatose patients.
  To diagnose and differentiate various neuromuscular disorder like acquired and hereditary neuropathy, traumatic nerve injury(obestratic brachial nerve palsy) and various muscle disease.
  Nerve conduction studies
  Needle electrode examination
  Cerebral palsy and developmental delay
  - Botulinam toxin injection for spasticity and dystonia.
  - Early intervention guidance
  - To decide and advise regarding neurodevelopment therapy, physiotherapy, occupational theraphy,speech therapy, sensory integration therapy, behavioral therapy, special education
  Medically refractory epilepsy
  - Ketogenic diet
  - Advise regarding Pre surgical evaluation for possible surgical
  Few Common child neurological conditions where I can help you
  Various types of childhood epilepsy syndromes like benign childhood epilepsy, west syndrome, Lennox gastaut syndrome, medically refractory epilepsy.
  Syncope, breathe holding spell and other non epileptic episodic disorders.
  Cerebral palsy
  and associated conditions
  Global developmental delay
  mental retardation-Due to various malformations of brain development, Chromosomal disorders, Neurometabolic disorder and other etiologies.
  Neurobehavioral disorder
  Autism (pervasive developmental disorders), ADHD, learning disability, tics and tourett syndrome.
  Paediatric movement disorder
  Wilson’s disease, rheumatic chorea, essential tremor and others.
  Neuromuscular disorders
  DMD (Duchene muscular dystrophy), SMA (Spinal muscular atrophy), GBS (Gullein Barrie syndrome), congenital myopathies and childhood myasthenic syndromes.